Selective Demolition Service

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Empire Building Diagnostics provide experienced selective demolition service throughout the Buffalo, NY, area. Over the years, our team of skilled contractors have developed a safe process for demolishing the section of the building or property you require. We prioritize safety and efficiency in all of our demolition jobs, making us the go-to slective demolition company in Buffalo.

Our Past Demolition Projects

View some of Empire Building Diagnostics selective demolition projects throughout the Buffalo area. We have a section dedicated to all of our past projects, but the projects below have been completed in the Buffalo area.

Main ST - Core & Shell

EBD was hired to renovate more than half of237/241 Main St selective demolition the 16-story building at 237 Main in addition to the lower levels of 241 Main Street. We completed abatement of asbestos flooring, joint compound, and pipe wrap throughout the renovations areas to allow our demolition team to remove the original office and bank areas in 237 Main. A new banquet hall, offices, and apartments were created in the renovation process.

In the adjoining building at 241 Main, spaces were abated, and then demolished to provide space for new underground parking equipped with a car elevator. Kitchen space was also added for the banquet hall. New doorways, and HVAC openings were created in the new layouts. Our concrete cutters cored over 1,600 cores of varying sizes through several walls and floors within the structure.

Anchor Bar

Anchor Bar enlisted Empire Building Diagnostics toAnchor Bar selective demolition work remove multiple layers of sinking concrete floor slab in the bar area. New support was also installed to the structure in the area below the removed floor. During the whole project, the restaurant remained open for business. Empire Building Diagnostics worked efficiently to provide excellent services without disruption to the restaurant. 


Niagara Gateway Lofts

Niagara Gateway Lofts selective demolition workFor this project, we mitigated the collapsing structure. During the mitigation, asbestos paper that was friable was found between the floor layers. Our crews worked to systematically remove the interior components of the structure while preventing the exterior walls from collapsing. New openings were cut into the masonry foundations and walls for the installation of new windows and doors.

Additionally, spaces were taken back to their original shells. Openings were also cut in the basement floor for new plumbing, slab replacement, and an elevator. Our selective demolition allowed us to restructure and reshape this building into a modern masterpiece for a more appealing rental opportunity.


Buffalo Riverworks Ferris Wheel

Buffalo Riverworks demolition for ferris wheelBuffalo riverworks is home to many old, solid concrete structures. As the massive waterfront development grows, more space was needed, and Buffalo Riverworks enlisted us to go in and clear a space through some heavy duty concrete to make room for the construction of a ferris wheel. Through selective demolition, we were able to work around structures that shall remain, and only clear out the space in the exact spot. We removed the old concrete silos down to their main base frame to allow for new foundations to be installed. We removed the concrete both manually, as well as using an excavator.

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