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Precision in Progress.  #ConcreteCuttingPros


Making way for your Projects up here in the Northeast! Your Concrete Problems? Our Specialty. We’re the Concrete Cutting and Removal Crew you've been Searching for


Clearing the Path for Progress: Removing Unused Structures from Tax Rolls to Pave the Way for Exciting New Developments #NewBeginnings #ProgressInMotion


Watch Out For CC&R Trucks on The Road – Out and About in The Northeast


At EBD We Know the Importance of Hiring A Responsible, Knowledgeable Team to Carry Out Your Project Needs.

We Bring 35 Years of Experience, Connections, And Hard Work to Every Project We Complete. We are Not Just Competent, But Highly Skilled at What We Do.

We are Trusted on the Toughest Jobs™.

We Guarantee Smooth Sailing for Your Next Project at EBD – Call Us Today.


Exemplifying Excellence in Concrete Transformation: Experience the Difference with Experts Dedicated to Flawless Execution.



Unleashing Transformation in the Northeast, One Demo at a Time!

Our Passion for Perfection Knows No Bounds.



When Precision Is Paramount, Trust the Experts.

Our Core Drilling Techniques Redefine Accuracy in Concrete Work!


When Structures Fall, Our Expertise Rises!

Unleashing Demolition Excellence in the Northeast!



Carving a Path to Perfection: Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new with precision Concrete Cutting and Removal in the Northeast. 

#ConcreteTransformation #ExpertCutting


Demolishing barriers at Syracuse University!

Our wrecking crews are Trusted on the Toughest wrecking jobs in the Northeast.



Now that’s concrete cutting!

Our skilled team at EBD’s CC&R™ Division are hard at work utilizing our new wire saw equipment, making way for progress on our latest project.

From precision cutting to seamless removal, we take pride in delivering top-notch results.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to shape the future, one concrete slab at a time!

#ConcreteCutting #ConstructionPros #TransformingSpaces #ProgressInMotion


Expanding Our Horizon!

Introducing the newest addition to our powerful Brokk family!  Our team is always on the move, bringing cutting-edge technology and expertise to the forefront of the demolition industry.

From hands-on training sessions to constantly growing our fleet, we're committed to staying at the forefront of innovation, ensuring top-notch performance on every project we undertake.

Watch out for more exciting updates as we take demolition to a whole new level!

#DemolitionPros #BrokkFamily #TrainingSessions #InnovationUnleashed


Ready to take on your next project?

Choose CC&R for top-notch Concrete Cutting and Removal services!

Let's saw through barriers and pave the way to success. #ConcreteCutting #ProjectPower


Revolutionize your next project with EBD's exceptional expertise!

Choose us for unmatched quality, reliability, and efficiency. #ChooseExcellence


Cutting through challenges with precision and passion.

Call us today and experience our exceptional craftmanship!


Cheers to a Memorable Company Party!

Grateful for the amazing turnout and celebrating Andrezj's well-earned retirement!


Revving up the power to transform spaces!


Our work truck is geared up and ready to tackle any project, delivering exceptional results every time.  


From cutting and coring to flawless removal, we've got the expertise and equipment to make it happen.


Revving up for precision and power!

We’ve added another fully powered saw cutting, coring, and removal truck, and it’s ready to hit the road and make some serious cuts.

Say hello to our cutting-edge companion, ready to tackle any concrete removal challenge with finesse and flair.

#ConcreteCuttingPro #NewWheelsNewThrills


Brick by Brick, We're Breaking Ground!

We are your demolition experts, making way for a new era of possibilities.

#DemolitionNation #RazingThePast #BuildingTheFuture

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