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Unlocking endless possibilities with CC&R – a powerhouse division of EBD!  Explore our seasoned capabilities, including wall sawing, core drilling, curb sawing, wire cutting, floor preparation/concrete grinding, and beyond. You can count on us to deliver excellence every time.


From demolition to concrete cutting, EBD brings a powerhouse of capabilities to the table! With expertise in abatement, shoring/dismantlement, coring & grinding, wrecking, and waste rolloffs, we're here to help with your construction needs. Give us a shout for your next project!


Our Rolloff Division at EBD is your go-to for fast, efficient, and experienced junk removal, waste management, and dumpster rental services.


Transforming hospital spaces with precision and care for over 35 years!

Our expertise in demo and remediation makes us the go-to choice for General Contractors.


Let's build healthier environments together!


#HospitalRenovation #DemoRemediation


Embracing winter challenges with EBD's Rolloff Division  Our trucks are built for the snow, ensuring timely and efficient service even in the frostiest conditions!


Empowering leadership at its best! Capturing the essence of our first foreman meeting in 2024. Together, we're shaping the future, fostering collaboration, and driving success


Raise your standards with EBD, offering the ultimate solution for efficient and dependable waste disposal.


Elevate your projects with EBD's CC&R Division – your go-to experts for precision Concrete Cutting and Removal.

Embrace the strength of 35 years' reliability - choose EBD for top-notch solutions and unmatched expertise.



Since 1987 -  Our Tuesday Mantra: tearing down barriers and building new possibilities.

Trust the Northeast's most reliable demo company with 35 years of expertise to turn every project into a masterpiece.



Rolling into Thursday like the waste management champs we are! No competition, just smooth operations and top-notch service.



Our Concrete Cutting and Removal Division at its finest, showcasing the sheer power of our wall saw in action.

Sparks flying, expertise shining!


Our team is on top of the game, literally and figuratively.

When it comes to demolishing barriers and elevating excellence, we're the undisputed champions. 

#DemoMasters #BestInTheBusiness


Behind every successful project is a team that takes pride in their craft.  On-site and in action, we are the best in the business. #DemoMasters


Fast, efficient, and always on time – because when it comes to cleanups, we don't waste a second! Our same-day delivery and efficient roll offs make cleanup a breeze.


EBD’s CC&R Division is where expertise and innovation come together to redefine the art of Concrete Cutting and Removal.


Trusted on the Toughest Jobs, because when it comes to demos, we don't just break barriers – we redefine them.  #DemoExperts


When it comes to dumpster rentals and containers, we've got you covered.

Let us handle the mess while you focus on what matters most. 

#WasteDivision #DumpsterRentals


Cutting through Thursday with Precision! 

Our Concrete Cutting and Removal Division is in full action, making way for new possibilities. 

We've got the tools and expertise to get the job done right.



 Happy Tuesday, everyone! 

We're kicking off our week with a bang as we tackle another exciting demolition project.  There's something oddly satisfying about watching structures come down, isn't there?

#DemoDay #DemolitionExperts 


Revolutionizing Waste Management: Cleaner and Faster Dumpster Rentals, Right in Your Neighborhood! 

#DumpsterRental #WasteManagement


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