Concrete Cutting and Coring Services

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As you reconfigure your interior or exterior space, you may need to relocate utilities or see existing concrete removed or redesigned. For this, you’ll want a team of experienced contractors that you can trust.

Our team of professionals will be able to assist you in your overall vision as we perform our concrete cutting and coring processes.

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Our Cutting and Coring Process

Concrete cutting and coring is a highly specialized process, and our team of contractors have both the skill and the equipment necessary to meet your needs.

Over the 30 plus years that Empire Building Diagnostics has been operating, we have mastered a detailed and safe process. We are able to safely core through a wall or floor and cut a trench for utilities.

Whether your needs are concrete removal or redesigning the space, we are able to complete it in a safe and efficient manner.

Some of Our Buffalo Projects

Niagara Gateway LoftsThe Niagara Gateway Lofts project that EBD handled, completing their concrete cutting and coring needs.

At this Western New York Location, we were hired to mitigate the collapsing structure as well as perform asbestos removal. Our team of contractors were able to systematically remove portions of the internal structure while maintaining the stability of the exterior walls. The spaces were taken back to their original shells while new openings were cut in the masonry foundation and basement floor.



Public School 75Public School 75 hallway, concrete cutting and coring work

Beginning in 2020, our team was sent to remove selective masonry partitions to accommodate for the future apartments. In addition, our contractors also performed asbestos removal along with several of our other services.



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