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Concrete Cutting

Concrete Cutting & Removal

For The Erie, PA, Rochester, Buffalo, & Corning, NY Areas

At Empire Building Diagnostics we are the premier choice for all your concrete cutting related needs.  Some of the services we can provide are:

  • Concrete slab sawing
  • Concrete wall sawing
  • Concrete wiring sawing
  • Hand sawing
  • Asphalt cutting
  • Residential & commercial slabs

Even though it’s called concrete cutting, the process we perform is actually grinding. The diamonds set into concrete saw blades create an abrasive surface, which is what grinds away at the concrete at high speeds. You don’t sharpen a diamond blade as you would another type of cutting utensil. As the blade itself gets worn down, new diamonds get exposed, which allows for continual use. The type of aggregate you are cutting can affect your production rates, but don’t worry, Empire has the right equipment for any type of job.

Concrete Removal

Concrete removal can be an important part of beautifying your home, whether it’s removing unwanted walkways, slabs or driveways, or even old foundations.

Concrete removal is likely not something that you will want to make a DIY project. The actual breaking up of the slab is possible to do yourself; however without good tools and some strong help it is back breaking, slow work. Then you are faced with hauling off the concrete. You are not able to take concrete to your local dump.

Often, concrete removal must take place before new, higher quality concrete can be poured to create the additions to your property that you’ve been dreaming of. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning on pouring new concrete or just need old slabs removed for good, our concrete removal services are just what you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s our expert, friendly and professional technicians, the incredible reliability, durability and longevity of our concrete, or our accurate and timely work estimates, you’re sure to be completely happy with our services.

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